Benefits of Post Caps

Installing a new fence on a property offers all kinds of practical and aesthetic benefits, including added privacy, protection from unwanted visitors, and increased curb appeal. It’s important to protect these investments, though, and to take all possible steps toward keeping them looking great for years to come. Installing fence post caps offers property owners the ability to do just that.

Protection From the Elements

Wooden fence posts and deck posts are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day 365 days a year, so they need to be protected if they are going to last. When water is able to seep into the grain of the wood, it can lead to cracking and splintering, leaving fences looking less than desirable and severely damaging their longevity. Post caps prevent water from seeping into the wood, to begin with, helping to reduce the risk of needing repairs.

Protection From Insect Damage

Insects can also wind up burrowing into fence posts through the top of the wood, which will cause them to deteriorate much more quickly and may even require the fence to be replaced. Post caps can be nailed or glued down to prevent insects from getting in and wreaking havoc.

Improved Appearance

A well-constructed fence can significantly improve a property’s appearance and even raise its property value. Well-designed post caps offer an extra level of elegance and sophistication to otherwise boring fences, allowing property owners to take further advantage of this aesthetic benefit.

Plenty of Options

Post caps can be made from metal or ASA resin, both of which offer the same weather and insect resistance. They are available in several design styles, including round pile and square pile, and can be color-matched to the property’s existing exterior decor. Many property owners choose to have their post caps painted in a complementary color, offering an extra layer of visual appeal as well.

Modern technology has added an extra layer of practical benefit to post caps. Solar post caps come with batteries that allow them to collect energy from the sun and use it to power lights that turn on automatically at dusk. This added practical benefit allows property owners to see better outside without having to waste electricity on exterior lighting.

Easy Installation

Having the post caps supplied by Atlanta Post Caps installed on a fence is remarkably easy. This makes improving a property’s appearance and protecting its fence posts one of the simplest and most affordable home improvement projects out there. Check out to get started today.